Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here is what I propose:

Everyday - 2 times a day. I have to drive to the middle school to drop off or pick up kids. Traffic over there is a complete mess, which is to be expected with that many cars in a small space all at the same time. What surprises me is how upset the other drivers get. It is not unusual to hear honking or see aggressive driving. I don't understand what there is to get so upset about. We are all on the same team, so to speak. We are all trying to get the same thing done - drop off or pick up. Our kids all go to the same school!

I personally have been honked at several times for not pulling out of the driveway fast enough. What the honkers don't see is that it is not safe to pull out; either because a car is coming or pedestrians are crossing. A few days ago, this was happening, I was honked at twice and I could see the driver behind me becoming really agitated and then tried to pull around me. I felt so annoyed by this, I wanted to get out of the car and say something, but I've seen enough court shows to know that's never a good idea.

What I thought of was some sort of digital sign that could be put in the back window. When someone honks, the sign could flash messages such as, "There are children crossing" or "It is not safe to exit now" or "I can't go, the intersection is blocked"


Bob said...

Your idea has great merit, except the driver blowing the horn isn't rational and probably can't read.

Bring the problem to the PTA. The solution has to be peer presssure to go slow to protect the children. Have signs made telling drivers to go slow and make certain the children are not in the road. Have volunteers with stop signs control the traffic. Have several places to pick up and drop off children. Every now and then have the police sit and watch the traffic; their very presence has a calming effect.

Heather said...

Someone has invented this. You can see it at