Saturday, September 15, 2007

When I went to Good News Club

I'm trying to remember how old I was but I think I was around 10 (5th grade) when a neighbor of ours hosted Good News Club at her home. My neighbor did not teach the lessons, it was another lady. It was pretty fun. We heard stories, sang songs and learned bible verses by singing them. If you could sing/say the bible verse the next week you got to pick a prize. I remember that when we would sing songs the lady had large cards that had the words on them and the cards were colored with markers so meticulously. The time she must have spent on them impressed me.

One day we were discussing why God lets bad things happen. The teacher told a story of how she had a miscarriage and how sad she was about it. She had wondered why God would take her baby away. She told us that sometime later a friend of hers had a miscarriage as well. The teacher was able to comfort her friend during that time. She finished by saying that after her friends miscarriage, she knew why she herself had had one. The reason was so that she could support her friend.

Having gone through a miscarriage myself I understand what a lonely time it is. However, even when I was a 10 year old I thought something was wrong with my teachers story. My 10 year old mind wondered why God didn't just save both babies and spare everyone such grief.