Friday, June 15, 2007

Whatever happened to customer service?

Recently, I have noticed the lack of good customer service in my area which is starting to irritate me. I would have to say my biggest pet peeve of those employed in the retail/phone/customer service industry is the lack of people who are able to speak clearly. This is especially annoying on the telephone. So many times when calling a place I hear: "Thankyouforcallingourbusinesswherewe'renumberonethisisafasttalkingmumbler-
And I'm not really sure what they said or if I have the right number so I say questioningly,

"I'd like to order a pizza?" or,
"There's a problem on my bank statement?" or,
"You say that I have a video out, but I turned it in?" or most recently,
"I need to schedule a dentist appointment?"

Seriously, is there no professionalism anymore? When I was at the bank a few days ago dealing with my own issue - apparently depositing a check when you haven't deposited one in awhile flags something in the computer for the teller to treat you like a criminal depositing a fake check. So while I was dealing with that, a phone call came in and I watched the teller do the fast talking mumbler routine from above, pause and then say harshly "Yes, this is Bank of Mumbler, how can I help you!" Then proceeded to make a series of confused and exasperated faces while listening to the callers problem. She tried to blow the caller off, but ended up transferring her to someone else.

Today when grocery shopping I had my hands full at the checkout with Abe and my wallet. I was annoyed, but not surprised when the checker began handing me the full grocery sacks instead of taking 1 step to the side and putting them in the cart for me. I suppose I could have sweetly asked "Would it be possible to put those in the cart for me?" But my mind was screaming expletives, so I just silently took the bags.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

12 years ago today...

June 6, 1995, at 3:44am a baby was born. "Is it a boy or girl?" I asked David. "It's an Ada." he said.

That seems like such a short time ago - but our baby is long gone. In her place is a wonderful young lady. I couldn't imagine life without her. Happy Birthday Ada!