Sunday, January 25, 2009

When will Saw end?

I started watching the Saw movies after reading a message board post about the top 10 movies with a twist ending. I simply love twist endings. I had seen most of the movies on the top 10 list already except Saw, which I never would have considered before.

When I started watching the movies, Saw -Saw III were already out on DVD already and I only had to wait a month or so before Saw IV came out on DVD. Yes, there are twists in each movie, but each movie answers only some questions and creates several more. I had to wait a whole year to watch Saw V, which I watched last night. Of course that led to more loose ends so it isn't over yet. I just read that Saw VI is set to come out Oct. 2009.

At this point I am not even enjoying it. I have just invested so much time into it that I feel the need to finish the series.

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