Monday, November 05, 2007

My New Car

Just kidding. This is not my car. But it's the car I wish I had. When I went to the dealership to look at the minivans (what else), I saw the Cruiser. The salesman took me to the back lot to look at more vans.
"Which one do you like?" The salesman asked me.
"I like that one!" I say, pointing at the Cruiser.
"It is a nice car..." the salesman agreed "...but not for someone who has 4 kids."
I ignored him and stood on my tip-toes to peer into the windows.
"Uhh, Ma'am?" he said while jangling the van keys.

The next week, while driving my new minivan, Ada commented that it was such a typical "mom" car.
That it is.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

One of my many talents

Over the years I have developed certain skills which have proven to be quite helpful in dealing with children. I have learned how to change the sheets on a bed that a child has has been sick in while the child is still in it without disturbing the child!