Sunday, March 19, 2006

Scary Bed - part 1

Night time was a very scary time when I was little. I remember many bad dreams and restless nights. It did not help either that the monsters under my bed were REAL! Here are two examples of that...

Growing up, there was a house around the corner from my family that had a lawn of clovers instead of grass. I used to enjoy walking around the corner and sitting on it. I wish I had one of these lawns now. It was so soft, no prickles or dead spots. One night I was dreaming of myself on this lawn, when I fell out of bed. I sat up on the floor and started to get up when I noticed the carpet I was stepping on was actually the clover lawn, and from under my bed I could distictly hear the sound of snakes. I scrambled back into bed, petrified.

When I was little my family often would go to the park to feed ducks. Mostly we just threw little pieces of bread in the water and watched them eat it. But sometimes there would be larger goose-like birds there that would just run up to us, excited to get the bread. I was always afraid that one of these birds would bite me in their haste to get the bread, although none actually did. One night I woke up and I could hear the sound of ducks quacking under my bed. I started to get out of bed, to tell someone. I sat up, and my legs dangled down the side of the bed, not touching the floor. All of a sudden I felt one of these "ducks" bite my foot! Not hard, just enough to scare me into not letting my legs dangle off the side of the bed for the next decade or so! True story!!

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