Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Rock Feels No Pain

Otherwise titled: Getting sick during a power outage.
Or: Losing 6 pounds in one day.

So yesterday I was not feeling well for most of the day, but just ignored it. In the evening Tommy let me know that his stomach was hurting and went to lay down. Tommy quickly fell asleep and as we say about Tommy, "He sleeps like a rock." At about 9:30pm the storm sirens went off in our neighborhood. There is supposed to be some subtle difference in the sound of the siren that indicates either severe storm, tornado or air raid, but they all sound the same to me. So David got on the computer to check the weather report and within a few minutes our power was out.

We got out the flashlights, and I started to feel really sick, so I rested on the couch while the other kids ran through the house with flashlights, despite me saying, "Time for bed" or "Please go to bed" or "Why don't you get in your bed?" every time they ran past. Tommy slept through the whole thing and I was so jealous because I wished I could sleep.

Finally the kids went to bed and few minutes later I made my way to the bathroom in the dark and, well, lets just say there was a big mess. So I tried to clean the mess in the dark, while holding a flashlight. I had to stay up the whole night due to running to the bathroom approximately every 20-30 minutes.

In the morning I weighed myself and and I was 6 lbs lighter than yesterday. I went to the doctor today to learn the (not) surprising news that I am dehydrated.

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