Monday, February 16, 2009

It took me 30 years to see a pattern

With my recent illness came some insight. Last week I had a craving for some sort of cherry dessert. I browsed the grocery store and settled on a cherry turnover from the bakery section. I had never had it before and it was pretty good. I ate the last one on Tuesday, which was the day I got sick.

Now the turnover had nothing to do with why I got sick, but for some reason I cannot even think of this pastry without strongly holding back my gag reflex. I know I will not be able to look at or eat one for a long, long time. So this food is now added to my list of things that I cannot eat anymore due to illness:

plain marshmallows
fresh apricots
peanut butter/chocolate candy (like Reeses)
ranch flavored crackers
cherry turnover

Now I have been sick plenty of times over my lifetime, so why do I have such a strong aversion to these foods? Why not some of the other foods I have eaten before getting sick like: pancakes, cheeseburger, yogurt, Starburst, Sprite, etc.?

I think I figured it out. Those foods on my list I had only eaten once or twice before getting sick. Therefore my brain/stomach is falsely associating the illness with the food. The other foods I had eaten many times before so my brain/stomach knows that they are safe. This is just my theory but I think it is true for me.

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