Saturday, March 24, 2007

It says, "crunchy"

We saw "Charlotte's Web" at the dollar movie today and I have to say it was pretty good. I was worried the remake would ruin the story but it did not. It stayed true to the book and the previous cartoon movie, with many of the same lines. A good thing is that the Wilbur in this movie is a lot less whiny than in the cartoon. The real pig is very cute.
I was disappointed that two of my favorite lines in the cartoon were not in this movie.

The first one is when they see the web and Mr. Zuckerman comments that Wilbur must be no ordinary pig and Mrs. Zuckerman replies, "It seems to me you're a little off. It seems we have no ordinary spider!" In this movie it is actually Mrs. Zuckerman who decides that the spider web is a "miracle".

My second favorite line is when Templeton is asked to get a word for the web and he comes back with 'crunchy'. I was terribly disappointed when they skipped that part and he just came back with 'radiant'.

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