Sunday, May 21, 2006

2nd generation.

My sea monkeys had babies! I started a sea monkey kit just after Christmas and have been faithfully feeding them and aerating their water. There were a lot of monkeys that hatched originally. When they got bigger, pairs of sea monkeys seemed to be "mating" all the time. I waited and waited for babies to come but none ever did. Occasionally, one or two of the sea monkeys would die. Last week I counted only 5 left. I was hoping they would have babies before they all died out. A few days ago I saw three of the sea monkeys stuck together, instead of the usual two. I guess that did the trick!


The CrazyHumanist said...

Eve had sea monkeys for a me.."triops" as I was required to call them. They are the same thing. I think they are just called that because we purchased them through the Scholastic book order instead of the way we did as kids...through the back of a comic book hahaha.

Very neat picture. Glad to see the family is growing hahah.

Shannon Kristine Croft said...

We had triops too last summer. They are a little different. I thought they were so gross looking, and they were very high maintenance. I was not sad when they died.