Friday, April 28, 2006

What's a Hoodie?

While shopping for clothes online, I noticed quite a few tops now have hoods on them and are called "hoodie's". When I was growing up it was called a "sweatshirt", but whatever. This particular one had the description of being a "romantic hoodie". Romantic.....hoodie.......hmm, they just don't go together.
When I think of clothes with hoods, I think of jogging, boxing, rappers, or the unibomber. Definitly not romantic.

This one is called "Dress with Hood". Again, it's a DRESS with a HOOD on it. Why? Am I just not getting the fashion statement here? What is the point of having a hood on a dress? I guess you will be prepared if you need to go jogging in the rain, punch someone in the face, or bomb something.


Heather said...

When "hoodies" first came back into fashion, I thought they were the dumbest things. Now I actually own a couple (of hooded shirts or sweaters) but I don't wear them as fashion statements. I actually do wear them when it's cold or raining, and I use the hood for a purpose. A hooded dress or "romantic" hoodie? Ridiculous.

The CrazyHumanist said...

My younger siblings told me about hoodies a few years ago. I said "the only thing that I consider a hoodie will always and forever be those little cups of ice cream from Hood." (Hood the milk company).
It took a few years, but I finally gave in to this bastardization of the English language.

Ada Beth Croft said...

i have a hoodie i am wearing wright now i love it wish i had a few more i like them because they are sporty not romantic! i do think it is weird too because i only use mine for the weekends and playing.