Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Something Unexpected

On Monday afternoon, David and I decide to go to lunch and run a few errands beforehand. I needed to fax some papers so we went to the UPS Store. I ran in to use the fax while David waited in the car with Abe. I had only been in the store a minute and I thought I heard quite a few alarms outside. I looked out toward the parking lot but didn't see anything. About a minute later a man entered the store carrying a large duffle bag. He headed straight for the back of the store, walking very quickly and he seemed upset. I could hear him panting as he got close to me. The man went behind the counter. I glanced at the employees of the store it was clear they did not know him. Just then, about 4 or 5 policemen and a police dog came running in the store. One of the policemen jumped over the counter right next to where I was standing. I wanted to get out of the way of the police, but I was afraid if I moved I would be more in the way. The other police ran around the counter, including the dog. "Where did he go?!" they shouted. "Out the back door!" They all ran out with one of the UPS Store employees.

A lot of employees from nearby stores, like Blockbuster came running in to see what happened. It turns out that the man was in a stolen vehicle along with a woman and police had been chasing them for awhile. One policeman had actually got into an accident a few blocks away. The man in the stolen car drove up the curb in the Blockbuster shopping center and hit a parked car with someone sitting inside. The man and woman ran out of the car and the woman was caught right away. After the man exited the UPS Store he apparently ran through someone's house who lives behind there. The homeowner was interviewed on the news and said the house had several children inside at the time, but they were watching TV and the man ran right past them.

On the way to the UPS Store we were passed by a police car with its siren on. I mentioned to David that we don't normally see that kind of thing in Carrollton. I wondered what happened and where they were going. Little did I know I would have a front row seat!

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The CrazyHumanist said...

wow...now that is an exciting day!
Next time, you should try some cool Charlie Angels' moves (Farrah era...not the lame Drew Barrymore ones).

I can just see you know:
Stop! HI-YAH!!!!