Saturday, July 04, 2009

David Lynch, I'd like to punch you in the face!

I just finished watching the stupidest movie and biggest waste of time EVER. How is this movie a "cult classic?" I'm pretty sure a child could come up with a more "creative" story than that and if I wanted to watch a video written by a child, I would watch You Tube. Oh, I'm so mad!
I realize after watching this movie that I cannot tolerate surrealism. I thought maybe the movie was being symbolic but it isn't. It's just stream of consciousness BS. It's like watching someone's bad dream. If I wanted to watch a bad dream, I'd go to sleep!

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Heather said...

I've never seen Eraserhead, and I guess now I never will. Glad I never wasted my time. I didn't know it was a David Lynch movie. I just finished watching both seasons of Twin Peaks. It was ok but season one was better than season two. I remember Mulholland Drive didn't make a lot of sense. I guess I'm not a huge David Lynch fan either. But he had a part on Twin Peaks that was funny, so I don't want to punch him, yet.