Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rest in Peace

The kids and I sing a lot to Theodore. While singing Rock-A-Bye baby to him, I began to wonder about the strange lyrics and why in the world anyone sing to a baby about falling out of a tree. Then I remembered about the time when Ada was a baby and was up most of the night crying, I found myself singing the song "Trust in Me" from the Jungle Book. Specifically the verse:

Please, go to sleep
Sleep little man cub
Rest in Peace

"What the heck am I singing?" I remember thinking.

It seems that Theodore does nothing but sleep (so far). Sometimes when he's sleeping I think of the Talking Heads song, "Stay up Late".

Baby, baby, please let me hold him
I wanna make him stay up all night

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Heather said...

OMG Mike and I sing that Talking Heads song all the time. He asked me once what is my favorite TH song and I said "the one about the baby". It has so many good lines! At the very end
"and he looks so cute, in his little red suit" cracks me up!