Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In love with a smell

I usually go to do my grocery shopping late at night so I can go alone. It is at this time that the stores are restocking the shelves. There is a certain stock boy that smells exactly the way my husband smelled when I first met him. It is a combination of Drakkar Noir mixed with cigarette. Nowadays, my husband neither smokes nor wears cologne. However, this smell reminds me of the happy exciting days of young love and dating. I always smile to myself when I remember it.

I'm sure this guy is wondering why I always am smiling when I see him and why I push my cart a little too close to him. It's nothing personal. It's the smell I am in love with. I can't help myself.

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SM said...

You are so right about how smells bring memories! I love the smell of Drakkar too! I bought it for Steve years ago, but he only wears it once every year it seems. He is like David and just doesn't wear anything usually.