Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Girl Scout cookie time!

Yes, it's that time again. This year I've decided not to sell cookies, but rather, just give a financial donation to my daughters troop.

Why, you ask? Many reasons, the most important one being that the troop only receives $0.50 per box sold. That's right 50 CENTS. Cookies are selling for $3.50 per box this year which means the cookie fundraiser yields just 14% for the troop. Who gets the other 86%? Good question.

My second reason... Notice I said I'VE decided not to sell cookies. The girls are actually discouraged from going door to door. Parents are the ones who bear the brunt of the work in the cookie sales. First, selling at work or to friends. Then, pick up, deliver and collect money. Parents are financially responsible for any cookies that couldn't be delivered.

Booth sales can be a good way to sell a lot of cookies fast, but are risky. It can be hit-or-miss if the sale will be successful. Many factors play a role: location, bad weather, time etc. Last year I showed up for a booth sale, only to find another troop already selling there. Time had to be spent convincing them that our troop had signed up at that location and they needed to leave. I think we sold about 40 boxes at the sale. That equals $20 for the troop. Hardly worth all the effort of dragging the cookie boxes, tables and signs out there. Plus dealing with cash and making sure to bring enough change.

In years past I've usually been able to sell about 50 boxes. (Only making $25 for the troop). This year I will make a $50 donation to the troop and unlike in years past, 100% of my donation will benefit the girls.

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The CrazyHumanist said...

Wow only 50 cents!?!?!
That is crazy...I guess I will have to rely on my husband's connection at work for the samoas this year.

I tried to get my oldest in girl scouts but they have closed it to new members..we have to try to form a new troop...eek