Monday, March 08, 2010

Blinded Me With Science

Before freezing:

After freezing:

The boys school recently wrapped up the science fair. I have blogged previously about my negative feelings about the science fair, but as the years go on, I do see some value in it. It promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as learning how to research a topic and present it. The kids have been doing these projects for the last 5 years, so now we pretty much have it down to a "science" (haha).

Ben's project involved preventing damage to cells that have been frozen. He used a microscope to study the cells.

Tommy's project tested the magnetic pull on a floating object.

At this schools science fair, the kids had to be dropped off in the morning to set up and present their project to volunteer judges. Parents were to come that afternoon to look at the projects and see the award ceremony. When they started to announce the winners, I did not know what to expect. After announcing the winners for Honorable Mention, 3rd and 2nd place, I started to put my camera away. It was such a surprise when they announced the winner for the Life Science category and it was Ben!

Ben also won the 1st place award for 7th grade overall. The mayor of Carrollton was in attendance and presented gift cards to all the grade level winners.

Tommy won too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Me and Fergie go way back.

Ben loves to listen to the Black Eyed Peas. A few days ago, one of their songs came on the radio and I started to sing along.
"You can't sing that mom." Ben informed me.
"For your information, Fergie and I are the same age." I replied.
"Well, Fergie is black so its ok for her." Ben said.
"Uhh, no she isn't."

To explain, we live in an area where it is very uncool to be white, which we are, and Ben is the only white child in his grade at school.
At this point, I told Ada who was on the computer to search You Tube for "Kids Incorporated."

I watched this show all the time growing up. I wanted to be Stacy (as her name was back then) since we were the same age.

The kids were so shocked by this video that they didn't even finish it.

The next day Ben told his friends at school that Fergie was white.

They didn't believe him.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Family Photo

Taken at my sister's wedding. 12-05-2009

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

2009 in pictures


Ben received an award for a story he wrote.


My baby shower for Theodore.


Abe's 3rd Birthday.


Theodore is born!


Family time.


Ada's Birthday


Dallas Arboretum

Storybook houses

First day of school - 9th grade
Creekview High School

4th grade - Harmony School of Innovation

7th grade - Harmony School of Innovation








My house was struck by lightning. Some of the debris that came out of a crack in the ceiling.


Heather and Mike's wedding.

Great Wolf Lodge.

Back to blogging

Having two babies at home makes doing everything difficult. Especially things that take time, like writing an email or blogging.

My blog has a new look and I am going to try to do more frequent updates.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

David Lynch, I'd like to punch you in the face!

I just finished watching the stupidest movie and biggest waste of time EVER. How is this movie a "cult classic?" I'm pretty sure a child could come up with a more "creative" story than that and if I wanted to watch a video written by a child, I would watch You Tube. Oh, I'm so mad!
I realize after watching this movie that I cannot tolerate surrealism. I thought maybe the movie was being symbolic but it isn't. It's just stream of consciousness BS. It's like watching someone's bad dream. If I wanted to watch a bad dream, I'd go to sleep!